High Speed Dental Handpieces

Our goal is to provide you with high performing handpieces that offer outstanding durability and power and maximise patient comfort. We offer a wide variety of LED, fibre-optic or non-optic turbines, screw-on as well as quick connection dental drills. 

Typically rotating at between 180,000 and 450,000 rpm, high speed handpieces incorporate water spray as a coolant due to the large amount of heat that they can produce. Cooling the tooth helps prevent overheating of the pulp and a multi-port jet (three or four spray points) allows for a higher cutting rate.

Most manufacturers offer different models with a standard and small head size design. A handpiece with a smaller head will improve visibility and access and it's particularly useful for posterior work and with children. A handpiece with a larger head tends to produce more torque and cutting power, which speeds up tooth preparation.

Our high speed dental handpieces are some of the most price-competitive on the market and we offer independent advice to help you find a turbine that suits your exact requirements.